Sports Tourism Education aims to provide you and your group a Sports experience like none other. Established in 2019 “STE” was formed to offer unique Sports and cultural insights into the heart of Europe’s most renowned Sports hubs. With offerings available around the world rest assured that all participants will be in good hands with our staff containing a unique blend of youthfulness and experience. Passionate, energetic and full of charisma, STE ensure that this will be a formative and memorable experience due to our passion to educate the future through sport which drives us to provide outstanding experience for all.


Developing peoples talent with foreign experiences embracing different cultures, methods and learning. providing clients with activities, ensuring integrated, flexible and innovative services and valences, based on the exploration of the potentialities, promoting the conciliation between tourism, sport and leisure.


STE’s goal is to lead through services innovation, reconciling sports, tourism and education.  To create talented individuals and teams with desire to improve themselves in a sportive and educative environment. 


Our desire is to provide outstanding experiences for our customers and our brands, while building awareness and increasing their market positioning.


Fantastic things can happen over a single experience. 


Our camps aim to benefit the younger generations and set them up for future success. We integrate education into our activities at our camps to provide an overall tangible experience, we make sure not only the sports is incredible but the learning is exquisite too. Our main goal is to use sport as the vehicle to drive youth development. Sport has the potential to change lives, promoting health, education, social inclusion and all in the name of fun and sport. At STE we want to be part of your future.


With a master degree in sports management, Gonçalo spent the last 20 years involved either in amateur and professional sports. Possessing an enriched and varied experience in many areas of this exciting industry, Gonçalo reflects his knowledge, organisation, attention to details, customer service, high standard and passion in every single programme created and provided by STE. “Sport is life…Sports is for all”

Gonçalo De Menezes

Founder & Director

Matthew Richardson

Social Media and Marketing Executive

William Mckinnon

Product Development

Robin Krasniqi

Partnership and Liaison Officer (Luxury Resorts)